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Home remedies to cure indigestion


Home remedies to cure indigestion

Home remedies to cure indigestion

Black Tulsi leaves mixed with few almonds and cardamoms (powdered) are good for indigestion.

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Author: nayanaphegde

I am an Ayurveda and Yoga Consultant,very passionate about my work and very happy to spread awareness about the science of Ayurveda to people around the world.I strongly believe that Ayurveda is the way forward for a healthy living.I like to empower people and create awareness about the importance of health and to understand and manage the condition to lead a healthy life.I have gained experience in this field working with doctors,wonderful and knowledgeable people a various centres. Qualification: BAMS(Integrated) PGDCSIM Post graduate diploma in social initiative and Management DCG: Diploma in counseling and Guidance Yoga Teachers Training and certification Program

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