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Effective Remedies and Herbal Treatment for Cold Due to Rain and Winter

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Effective Remedies and Herbal Treatment for Cold Due to Rain and Winter

Effective Remedies and Herbal Treatment for Cold Due to Rain and Winter

Herbal treatment and easy home remedies can be effective ways to avoid or cure common cold naturally. Here are a few Ayurveda tips.

Home Remedies, herbal tips during rain and winter –

  • Include ginger, turmeric and pepper in minute quantities in your diet.
  • Soon after you are home, make sure you dry of your hairs,
  • Try replacing cold water with warm water. As per Ayurveda, warm water helps to relieve Kapha Dosha. Imbalance of Kapha Dosha is the main reason for cold and cough.
  • Ginger tea is better than normal tea.
  • Take raw guggulu from market, add a bit of turmeric and neem powder to it and burn it and inhale the fumes from a distance of one meter for a couple of minutes, soon after you return home.
  • Or, Put turmeric powder on hot pan and inhale the fumes. It helps to relieve cold and allergy.

Herbal treatment for cold with Ayurveda medicines –

Please remember that taking Ayurvedic medicine needs consultation with Ayurvedic doctor. Here are a few common medicines used to relieve cold and cough.

  1. Vyoshadi vataka – contains ginger pepper, long pepper etc. It is good for cold and viral fever.
  2. Panchanimbadi Gulika – Contains Neem as the main ingredient. It is excellent antiviral and antibacterial, keeps repeated allergies and infections at bay on long term usage.
  3. Vilwadi Gulika – One of the most common antiviral and anti bacterial medicine used in Ayurvedic treatment.
  4. Amrutottaram kashayam tablet – It contains Indian Tinospora (Giloy, Guduchi) as the main ingredient. It is an excellent ayurvedic remedy for fever. Tinospora’s immune-modulator and anti-fever activity has been scientifically established.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on turmeric herb benefits.


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