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Garlic for Flavor and Health: 13 Amazing Health Benefits Of Garlic

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Garlic is earth’s gift to us. This natural ingredient has so many health benefits for healthy living. Herbalists and naturopaths consider it a miracle herb. With so many studies involving garlic, it has continuously proven its ability to cure a variety of health problems.

Because of the components in this herb, when consumed, it can help the body fight off many illnesses. What does it contain? It has nutrients like enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and natural sugar. Self-Nutrition Data ( indicates that 3 cloves of garlic provide around 5% of the daily required intake of vitamin C and 6% of Vitamin B-6. Garlic also has lower amounts of other vitamins including pantothenic acid, and folic acid (Livestrong).

Garlic is also has natural antibiotic properties. The sulphur compounds found in garlic is what gives this herb its pungent smell. There can be no denying garlic has medicinal uses.

Health Benefits of Garlic

1. Antiseptic for its antibacterial properties; helping cure wounds and fight off infection
2. Fights inflammation
3. Research in China reports eating the herb regularly helps prevent certain cancers
4. Can lower blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular problems
5. Increases high-density lipo-proteins in the body.
6. Reduces bad cholesterol
7. Thins the blood, reducing risk of blood clotting
8. Improves blood circulation
9. Boosts immune system to fight disease
10.Prevents and relieves chronic bronchitis and catarrh
11. Acts as an expectorant for cough and a nasal decongestant
12. Cleans the digestive system of internal parasites
13. Helps to cure flatulence and is an internal antiseptic

It is possible that one could not realize the many health benefits in garlic. So many of us just include it in the foods we cook for flavor and smell.

Now that you know the health benefits, it is a must that you include this herb in all the dishes you cook. It is very inexpensive and the benefits are immense.

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