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Yoga for Kids – 5 Simple Poses to Start With

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Yoga for Kids

Yoga for Kids

Yoga is one of the most preferred, revered and safe forms of physical activity that can be done by both adults and children. Besides, practicing yoga with your kin is one of the many ways you can work out together and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Below are five yoga poses that are appropriate for children of all ages;

Butterfly Pose  (Badhakonasana)

Butterfly Pose

Butterfly Pose

The butterfly pose is a brilliant pose which makes it possible for children to make use of their imagination. The pose enables your young one to better stretch the spine and legs.

Sunrise/Sunset Sequence

Sunrise/Sunset Sequence

Sunrise/Sunset Sequence

The poses entail a combination pose of the big toe pose and the upward salute. This is a pose that is more appealing to your younger kin as the pose (sunrise/sunset) will see them imitating the sun rising and falling through body motions.   The yoga pose is a structured two pose sequence one that needs to be performed for at-least ten times. You should begin with the sunrise pose (upward salute) and afterwards the big toe pose (sunset) which requires the child to bend forward.

Gorilla  Pose ( Padahastasana)

Gorilla  Pose ( Padahastasana)

Gorilla Pose ( Padahastasana)

The gorilla pose is a name given to help you child assume the wide-legged forward bend. Fortunately, the pose can be held in place. However, in most instances, the children will enjoy swimming back and forth on the waste as they go into full gorilla mode.
This is a perfect pose that helps your children put their minds at ease. The gorilla pose also eliminates back pain.

Tree Pose (Vriksasana)

Tree Pose

Tree Pose

This is a pose that needs optimum balancing. To have your children better perform this pose, you should ask them with authority to have their eyes trailed on one of the objects to eliminate any chances of a fall.   The tree pose is one of the greatest poses that help children learn self-control. The pose will help your children improve both their strength and balance.

Fish Pose (Matsyasana)

Fish Pose

Fish Pose

This is one of the most fun yoga pose loved by children of all ages. The pose is enjoyable and the children will not be aware that the pose helps them strengthen their neck muscles and upper back.  The yoga position provides your child with a perfect posture and your children will be fully stretched


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