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Dr. Nayana Pradeep

Dr.Nayana.P is a medical practitioner, with a unique set of achievements. She is highly creative and comprehensive in her approach to treatment, and has specialized method of viewing medical issues in a holistic manner, which addresses the Root of the problem rather than the symptoms. She holds a BAMS (integrated) degree from Government Ayurveda College Bangalore combined with a integrated degree in allopathic medicine. She has completed her DCS, Diploma in Psychological Counseling and Guidance from Sugam Psychological and Counseling Research Centre Chennai. Her passion to contribute to society made her take up a Post Graduate Diploma in Social initiative and Management from CSIM (centre for social initiative and management) Chennai. She is a certified Kundalini Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation teacher and practitioner , her expertise in these areas provides her with a unique approach of body, mind and spirit hence she treats patients, educates and shows them a path of recovery and healing.

Her vast and valuable experience in various fields and centre’s, gives her a unique edge in practice and treatment. In her foundation years she had been extremely fortunate to have the phenomenal opportunity to work with Late Dr.P.V.Hegde professor and HOD Obstetrics and Gynecology Bangalore Medical college ( A Legend in Medical History ) for 8 years as a personal assistant which gave her an excellent grounding in medical practice , understanding of various health issues concerning women and children. She has worked as an Ayurveda and Yoga Consultant at Rudra Naturopathy Yoga and Rehabilitation centre Chennai where she adopted the Holistic Approach to treatment of various lifestyle disorders. She participated in various Health Camps for Women, Children and Senior citizens. As part of the social initiative projects, she contributed much to Tamil Nadu voluntary health services and conducted a program for all the NGOs to introduce Ayurveda in their Healthcare Systems. she went on to continue her work at Ojas holistic health care centre Chennai where she was in charge of Ayurvedic Panchakarma therapy centre at the same time got an opportunity to work on a program for expectant mothers bringing the ancient Vedic concepts into practice for the modern women for an Emotionally healthy baby. This program focused on healthy pregnancy with Yoga, Pranayama and meditation tailored for a Healthy pregnancy. She also was part of research projects in the frontiers of science, one being in the area of breast cancer.

Dr.Nayana started her own health care centre “the Vaidya” in Bangalore, which focuses on comprehensive approach to treatment and healing. the Vaidya is born with a Vision to empower the patient about his / her health , and the treatment is designed with a Holistic approach to health, with Ayurveda ,Yoga and Counseling . She is adept in guiding young ‘’ Mothers to be ‘’ during the Prenatal and Postnatal stage and hundreds of patients have benefitted greatly. This is important for the health and happiness of the mother and child. Dr.Nayana.P is a Prenatal and Postnatal consultant to various nursing homes.

She specializes in treating Lifestyle Disorders, Women’s and Children’s Health, a‘’ the Body, Mind & Soul ‘’ which few medical practitioners can match.

Preventive Health care the Svatha Model based on Ayurvedic Principles Is a methodology by which patients are have vastly benefitted. the Vaidya also applies the concept of Holistic Health care of Ayurvedic Treatment, Yoga therapy and counseling to Patients who are unable to reach the centre and for Senior Citizens.

Malavika Chatterjee

Malavika Chatterjee

Having been exposed to a variety of people and being in close contact with them over the last 14+ years has given me the ability to understand them better (not to mention the number of valuable friends made). Being an avid listener and an ardent fan of people-observing has helped too. And there’s one simple thing I noticed through it all – that no matter who you are and what you have, your emotions are the same. When a Prince falls in love, he falls in love just as hard as a homeless man sitting on an icy, cold street. This touched me to the core.

So after putting in time at a regular 9 to 9 banking job, I was blessed enough to realise where my skills truly lay in Counselling. This to me is so much more than a job. It’s an experience that has helped me grow as an individual and guide others to their stronger selves. My interests in human emotions, Psychology and the very basic fundamentals of human connections led me to study more in the area.

Today I am associated The Vaidya as a counsellor and guide to the older generation. I work along with Dr Nayana Hegde who provides the medical angle to healing, which includes Ayurveda and yoga.

I work on the fundamental that everyone is in control of themselves. Once people realise this, they can be better and happier people. I offer advise on a holistic approach to healing and help people and specially the older generation deal with the problems they face today.



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