The Vaidya

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 What are you feeling right now, this very instant? Lonely? Sad? Angry? Frustrated? Afraid? Or some other negative emotion?

Maybe you are feeling happy? Jubilant? Compassionate? In love? Or some other positive emotion?

Or perhaps you are feeling mixed emotions?

The moment you become aware of your current emotions, you get more clarity on what’s happening within you. That’s the beauty of human emotions. They exist because they can teach us something about ourselves.

Emotions are also universal. The Prince and homeless man have the potential to feel the same set of emotions with the same intensity.

When we address our emotions, our lives become fulfilling. On the other hand, if we disregard our emotions, we quickly become confused and disempowered. That’s why we sometimes need an expert to guide us through the maze of our own emotions. In a nutshell, that’s what our counselors do for our clients.

We at The Vaidya believe in empowering our clients to rise above their current constraints. We believe that everybody can manage their emotions and create beautiful destinies for themselves. Our job is to help them in this process. And also to applaud when they achieve their goals.


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