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Prarambha is a pregnancy wellness program that offers a holistic and scientific approach to pregnancy where the physical, mental and spiritual development of the mother and the baby is nurtured.

Prarambha as the word suggests is the beginning , it is at this very onset that we at the Vaidya have prepared a program that helps expectant mothers embrace all the cornerstones of pregnancy. This is done via 4 pronged approaches namely

The Physical Module caters to the changes in the physical body by teaching person specific yogasanas under the care of a licensed practitioner.

The Mental Module works with the various thought patterns by laying emphasis on positive emotions by meditation and mental conditioning.

The Emotional Module caters to dealing with the emotional upheavals that accompanies most pregnancies with a step by step approach to pregnancies with numerous counseling sessions that cater to the individual.

The Spiritual Module helps in the forming of a delicate bond with the life growing in the womb by specialized meditative techniques.

This ayurvedic approach to pregnancy focuses on 3 vital aspects of Ahara (Diet), Vihara (Lifestyle) and Vichara (Thought process). All the modules of Prarambha are designed with the trimesters in mind and are individual specific.

The Benefits of the program include :-

1. Helps mum to connect with self and the baby in the womb
2. Assists to reduce daily stress and in turn provides a healthy environment for the baby
3. Helps to cope with the altered state and reduces mood swings
4. The body and mind remain tuned to respond very well to natural birth.
5. Foetus receives increased oxygen and endorphins
6. Impart Sanskaras to the foetus

The program is spaced at regular intervals with 2 sessions per week , with individual schedules worked out for working mothers.

Ideal time to sign up would be between the 6th and 12th week of pregnancy. To sign up please contact Dr. Nayana P Hegde

Free consultations are offered on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of Every Month !!!



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